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NPORS N214 Road roller

The ride-on roller goes hand in hand with a forward tipping dumper. A common site on construction sites, their small footprint makes them vulnerable to overturning if not used in a safe manner. It is vital that those operating plant and machinery are trained and competent to do so, which is a requirement of the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998.

It is envisaged that by the end of this course of training the learner will be able to answer questions on and perform the following activities

· Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and your responsibilities as a Roller operator

· Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular Roller to be used

· Be able to locate the major components of the Roller and explain their functions

· Be able to locate and identify key controls and explain their functions

· Conduct all pre-operational checks in accordance with the manufacturers and legislative requirements

· Identify and maintain personal protective equipment appropriate for Roller use

· Prepare the roller for use and operate machinery safely and efficiently

· Conduct all necessary safety checks of the compaction area

· Operate the roller safely and efficiently

· Fit and remove attachments safely and efficiently

· Understand environmental considerations including noise and fuel spillages

· Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of loading and unloading procedures for machine transportation

· Carry out end of shift shutdown procedures

Novice course duration: 3 days

Maximum novice course ratio: 3 operators 1 Machines 1 trainer (3.1.1)

Maximum number of novice tests per day: 3

Maximum number of refresher tests per day: 3

Maximum number of experienced worker tests per day: 6

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