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NPORS N202 Excavator 360 Degree

The 360 excavator is one of the most common sites on a construction site. Used to dig, move spoil, load dumpers, grade and lift These versatile machines require a steady hand to operate safely. It is vital that those operating plant and machinery are trained and competent to do so, which is a requirement of the provision and use of work equipment regulations 1998.

This course is designed to give you the practical skills and theoretical knowledge to;

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and you and your responsibilities are as an operator

  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular machine to be used

  • Be able to locate and identify the major components of the machine and explain their functions

  • be able to locate and identify tracking, slewing and isolation controls and explain their functions

  • conduct all pre operational checks in accordance with the manufacturers and legislative requirements

  • Configure the machine for travel and manoeuvre it safely across varying terrain in open and confined areas

  • conduct all necessary safety checks at the work area

  • manoeuvre the machine to the work area and correctly configure it in readiness to carry out excavation tasks

  • carry out excavation tasks

  • load materials onto transport vehicles or into containers

  • reinstate excavation, grade and level ground

  • fit and remove attachments

  • carry out all end of shift shutdown procedures

Novice course duration: 10 days

Maximum novice course ratio: 3 operators 1 Machine 1 trainer (3.1.1)

Maximum number of novice tests per day: 3

Maximum number of refresher tests per day: 3

Maximum number of experienced worker tests per day: 4*

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