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"The NPORS N214: RIDE ON ROLLER  Training Course is a comprehensive and hands-on program designed to equip learners with the essential knowledge and practical skills to become trained Ride on Roller operators. The course aims to train individuals to safely and efficiently handle Ride on Rollers, ensuring they meet industry standards and best practices.

NPORS ride on roller training

"The NPORS N214 Ride on Roller Training Course is a multi-level program that caters to both beginners with no prior experience and seasoned operators looking to obtain a recognised qualification. The training is delivered by a team of experienced and certified instructors who are well-versed in Compaction techniques and Industry safety standards.

What's does the NPORS Ride On Roller course include? By the end of the training course you should have strong skills in the following areas:

  • Have a basic understanding of the industry, the dangers of working in the industry and your responsibilities as a Roller operator

  • Have a working knowledge of the manufacturer’s handbook for the particular Roller to be used

  • Be able to locate the major components of the Roller and explain their functions

  • Be able to locate and identify key controls and explain their functions

  • Conduct all pre-operational checks in accordance with the manufacturers and legislative requirements

  • Identify and maintain personal protective equipment appropriate for Roller use

  • Prepare the roller for use and operate machinery safely and efficiently

  • Conduct all necessary safety checks of the compaction area

  • Operate the roller safely and efficiently

  • Fit and remove attachments safely and efficiently

  • Understand environmental considerations including noise and fuel spillages

  • Demonstrate knowledge and understanding of loading and unloading procedures for machine transportation

  • Carry out end of shift shutdown procedures

Do I have to attend the full course if I'm already experienced? 
The training course welcomes individuals with varying levels of experience and it's possible to take an experienced worker test on site. Your trainer will discuss timescales and agree a training programme with you based on your experience. 

What is the price of the NPORS Ride on Roller Course
The price of the course there is depending upon your experience and training location, experienced worker tests with no training required can be carried out from as little as £250 + VAT making it one of the most commercially viable qualification schemes on the market. 
How will I be assessed? Throughout the course, operatives will undergo both theoretical assessments and practical evaluations to gauge their progress.

Upon successful completion of the Ride on Roller Training Course, participants will receive a nationally recognised card which will be valid for 5 years for traditional NPORS cards or 2 years for CSCS logo NPORS. This can be converted to a blue competent operator card on completion of the relevant NVQ and would then be valid for 5 years. 


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